A Swing For Life Book Review

A Swing for Life: Revised and Updated (with embedded videos)

Nick Faldo’s A Swing For Life: Revised is a neat update to his 1995 instruction manual. The book takes full advantage of the new digital age in embedding video into the text via Mobi Tags—little images that your phone can scan to summon related video instruction from Faldo.

Sir Nick has a knack for explaining things. Unlike many other golf lesson books I have read, I was immediately able to grasp Faldo’s instructions. He writes in a language that the less talented can understand. Here’s are some examples:

“The greatest threat to good timing is the urge to physically hit “at” the ball with the hands.”

and a little longer piece:

“All that really matters is that you establish this initial momentum with a sense of togetherness as your hands, forearms and stomach combine to point the clubhead to eight o’clock. Your spine angle provides the natural axis around which your shoulders are now beginning to turn, while your wrists and forearms reveals signs of that early rotation primed with the waggle. You’re off and running.”

I “get” what Faldo is writing about, even as I have struggled to understand other authors. Add to this the book’s photos, plus the accompanying video and there is no ambiguity whatsoever.

The swing that Faldo teaches in the book is a classic. His emphasis is on creating a simple, smooth and ultimately repeatable swing. Nothing in the book smacks of fad or fashion. This is indeed a swing you can learn and play with until you’re in your eighties.

A Swing For Life is in many ways the best golf instruction book I have read. Now on my unattainable bucket list is to get a lesson from Sir Nick. I am certain he would have me swinging like a pro

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