A Terrible Day At The Course

Today I had one of those days on the course that makes me wonder what I was thinking when I took up golf. It started when I shanked a lob wedge on the third hole. (The first two holes were a par and a bogie.) Then I topped the tee shot on four. And from there it went downhill.

I stopped keeping score on number six.

By seventeen I was ready to throw my clubs in the pond. I couldn’t even make contact with the ball.

I go through these rounds every once in a while. I’ve always played by feel, and when I lose that feeling, all hell breaks loose.

The only thing that was working was my putter. When that abandons me, I really will give up golf.

The good news is that I’ve gone through these stretches before and have always come out of them just as suddenly as I went in. I just wish I knew what started them.

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