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The good folk at Almost Golf sent me a box of their practice balls the other day for review. (More of you should send me stuff for review). After trying them out at the club and in an elementary school’s playing field, I’ve found a lot to like about them.

Like most training balls, they don’t fly anywhere near as far as a regular golf ball. If I really smash it, I can get one to go about a hundred yards — but that’s it. And, their light weight makes them safe to hit around breakable things like windows, cars and kids.

Ok, you say, there are lots of balls like that on the market: whiffle balls, open cell foam balls, styrofoam balls, etc.

The difference is that the Almost Golf balls actually fly like regular balls. A good shot flies true; a poor one will slice or fade just like a regular ball. They say you can draw or fade them just like a regular ball. I can testify to the fact that the Almost Golf balls will fade; but as I can’t hit a draw with a regular ball, I also can’t hit one with the Almost Golf ball.

So I guess they do fly true.

I used them to practice my wedges in the back yard and also hit a few with a driver at the elementary school (you can’t hit woods at my club’s practice range). I think both sessions helped.

The best part, though, is that my boys can whack them around the back yard without endangering the glass sunroom. My two-year-old, in particular loves to hit them.

What’s the downside? Only one. Like all short flight balls, you don’t quite get the sensation of hitting a real ball. But that’s a small complaint, compared to the advantages of being able to see true flight characteristics in a confined space.

I give this one five golfballs (out of five).

2 thoughts on “Almost Golf Balls”

  1. Can anyone tell me the difference travelled by the average range ball (not limited flight) and a new, out of the sleeve competition ball?

    If one competition ball can travel 10 yards further than another on a 250yard drive, that’e 4%. So a lower compression, used range ball must travel at least 5-10% less than a normal ball hit 250yards. Can anyone point me to any surveys or studies done on this.


  2. If you want a good limited flight golf ball that feels like a golf ball when you hit it, go with the Birdieball. They only fly and average of 40 yards and feel and fly exactly like a regular golf ball.


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