Amazing Tiger FedEx Fact

I just read the most amazing stat on ESPN’s website. Apparently, given the way the other players finished, Tiger would have won the FedEx Cup EVEN IF HE HAD NOT PLAYED AT EAST LAKE.

The guy could have taken two weeks off, including the finals and still won the “playoffs.”

Now tell me there’s not something wrong with the points system.

4 thoughts on “Amazing Tiger FedEx Fact”

  1. Here is the problem for the tour I think:

    If Tiger had played more tourney’s and won, maybe 10 of them in the 9 months prior to the “playoff”, he might not have had to have gone to a single one of the playoffs.

  2. Now that’s a sobering thought for the Tour. I haven’t done the math, but a similar situation might also occur if there weren’t any other multiple tournament winners, or if he won three of the majors, etc.

    I think you’re on to something … and that it’s a real possibility.

  3. Martin, Tiger would still have had to turn up for the playoffs as the points were reset at the start of them.  Which is why he was in 3rd place after the first one which he missed.


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