American Express Offerings At The PGA Championship

If you’re headed to the 2009 PGA Championship at Hazeltine, I recommend that you take some time to stop at the American Express booths. I was at the PGA Championship last year at Oakland Hills and had a good time with the American Express offerings. American Express cardholders can cool off in the American Express Cardmember tent, and also enjoy complementary beverages and food. Even better: they’ve got a very cool wireless television device that delivers live telecasts of the championship, player information and updates from anywhere on the course. Their free-to-use Coursecast radios let you listen to play-by-play commentary and live updates.

I used the TV device at Oakland Hills and loved it. It enabled me to sit in the stands on one hole and watch the players go by, while still keeping track of what was happening on the rest of the course. It gave a great deal of context to what was happening on “my” hole.

For cardholders and non-cardholders alike, American Express sponsors the PGA Learning center, where you can get free lessons, and participate in clinics. Again, very worthwhile. I had a good time there at Oakland Hills. The lessons are given by PGA members; advice: sign up early, as the slots go quickly.

Full disclosure: American Express is NOT paying me to write this—but they should—or at the very least send me a nice American Express golf shirt (size large), or something. smile I AM, however, an American Express cardholder.

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  1. I used Championship Vision at Bethpage during the US Open…great device…would reccomend grabbing one…after all its free:)


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