An Arnold Palmer Appreciation

John Manginnes has an appreciation piece on Arnold Palmer in time for this week’s Arnold Palmer Invitational. He writes in part:

It is hard to believe that the King turns 80 in September. No single player has been more responsible for the state of the modern game than Arnie. No one deserves more credit. The profession of golf was shaped both on and off the golf course by Mr. Palmer. As much as players today credit the purses to Tiger’s popularity they should thank Arnie for all those endorsement dollars that make their worlds go around.

Beyond the empire that enjoys the shade under Arnie’s umbrella today, though, there is the player of yesteryear who should be equally remembered. From 1960-1964 Mr. Palmer won 29 times on the PGA TOUR, including six of his seven major championships. No other player since Byron Nelson has a record that comes close. Jack Nicklaus, who is 11 ahead of Arnie on the all-time wins list, was never as prolific over a similar stretch. Tiger, for all his greatness, has only matched that major dominance.

Read the entire piece.

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