An Interview With The PGA Tour’s Chief Marketing Officer

Ad Age has an interesting interview with the PGA Tour’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Wade.

Wade has some interesting things to say about the younger players and globalization. And then there’s this:

Ad Age: How important is Tiger’s return?

Mr. Wade: Well, it’s very important. But the sport is not dependent on any one player, and never has been and never will be. And Tiger Woods will be the first to tell you that. At the same time, Tiger is arguably the greatest to play—an exciting player and exciting personality. He’s a huge asset for the PGA Tour.

Competitively, what we are most excited about is the young, new breed taking on the established stars. You have a situation where Tiger has work to be done—you know, he wants to win the most PGA Tour events, he wants to win the most majors—and he is highly, highly dedicated to that. And Phil [Mickelson] is not done. I’m sure he wants to put an exclamation point on a Hall of Fame career. And to have those established stars and these young guns battling it out for primacy is very exciting to us.

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