Angst About Woods’ Return Increases

When will Tiger return? As one who lost his own father in recent years, my answer would be “When he’s good and ready.” But the golfing media is slowly building itself into a frenzy.

“When will The Great One return?”

Most speculation centers around Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial, where Tiger has won three times, but at least one writer is worrying that Tiger will break his “consecutive majors streak.” It seems that Jack Nicklaus (who else) currently holds the record for playing in the most consecutive majors. And if Tiger misses this year’s Open, he’ll suffer a setback in his quest for yet another of Jack’s records.

Of course, even if he plays in this year’s Open, he still has another twenty five years to go before reaching Jack’s 146 consecutive starts.

Hey. Give Tiger a break. Let the guy take his time.

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