Arnold Palmer Cabernet Sauvignon

imageWhile shopping at my local mega food mart recently, I ran across a bottle of Arnold Palmer 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon. Since it was under $15, and I’m a sucker for anything golf, I picked it up.

Now it has to be said that—generally speaking—the GolfBlogger’s tastes in adult beverages runs to Bourbon and Rum. So I figured that I’d get the bottle, taste it, and then turn it over to Mrs. GolfBlogger, who would actually enjoy it. What I really wanted was the bottle. (unfortunately, I wrecked the label, so I’m going to have to go get another one).

To my surprise, though, I actually liked the wine. It’s smooth, and pleasant tasting.

I’m no wine aficionado, though, so I’ll tell you what the vintner says:

“Aromas of smoky black cherry with underlying notes of toasted warm coffee and cassis. A touch of cedar folds seamlessly into a rich opulent black fruit core. Layers of oak build texture and offer a firm mid palate. The velvety long finish is filled with milk chocolate.

The black cherry is there. And the smoke. And I can definitely taste the oak—but bourbon drinkers are attuned to the taste of oak. As for the other tastes, I’m not so sure. But as I said, I liked it.

Mrs. GolfBlogger, who enjoys a good glass of wine, says that she can taste all of that, and more … she says there’s a bit of nutmeg. And she gives it her seal of approval, although she tends to like a white wine.

Thinking about golfers and their wines beings to mind a story that I recently read in an interview with Greg Norman:

Apparently, Norman was on his yacht in the Caribbean when the ship was boarded by the Coast Guard of one of the banana republics.

Thinking to impress the officers with a little name dropping, one of the passengers informed them that the yacht was owned by Greg Norman.

The officers were impressed: “The wine guy?,” they asked.

Such is the fleeting fame of athletics.


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