Arnold Palmer Cocktails

arnold palmer (1 of 1)An Arnold Palmer is the classic after round refresher, consisting of half lemonade and half iced tea. Golf mythology says that it was invented by Arnold Palmer at the Cherry Creek Country club.

It seems that there are two variants of the base drink. The first has half lemonade and half iced tea. Some sources claim the “original” version was 2/3 iced tea and 1/3 lemonade. I like a sweeter drink, so the half-and-half is my preferred mix.

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned the drink (and its British cousin, the John Panton) and the many variants that turn the innocent into an adult pleasure. But I’ve neglected to provide actual recipes. So here they are:

The Arnold Palmer (base drink variant 1)
2/3 Iced Tea
1/3 Lemonade

The Arnold Palmer (base drink variant 2)
1/2 Lemonade
1/2 Iced Tea

The Dirty Palmer (The Demon Palmer; Arnold’s Bogie; Arnold Palmer with a Bogie)
2/3 Arnold Palmer
1/3 Rum

The Tom Palmer
3/4 Arnold Palmer
1/4 Vodka

The Grand Palmer
4/5 Arnold Palmer
1/5 Grand Marnier

The Whiskey Palmer
5/6 Arnold Palmer
1/6 Whiskey

The Wild Palmer
3/4 Arnold Palmer
1/4 Wild Turkey Honey

The John Daly (Arnold Palmer’s Swing)
Arnold Palmer
1 shot citrus vodka
1/2 ounce triple sec

The Drunken Palmer
1/2 Lemonade Flavored Vodka
1/2 Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka

Do you have any of your own variants? Add them to the comments below:

4 thoughts on “Arnold Palmer Cocktails”

  1. Thought a post of the ESPN Commercial with the King is appropriate:

    The Arizona branded Arnold Palmer has become my standard on-course beverage.  And I just like the standard one “the Lite” made 50/50 Unsweet tea and Lemonade.  They have a zero calorie one, I am not sure what the sweetener is, but it is just too watery.  I also usually have the powdered stix for a 20oz bottle – those are under 5 calories, with the main sweetener as sucralose.

    So I am in the land of sweet tea, and I always order “unsweet” tea, do you have two different teas in Michigan?  Is it called sweet and unsweet above the Mason/Dixon?

  2. I’ve had one variant called an Arnie’s Driver, which is essentially a Long Island Iced Tea using lemon-flavored vodka.

    I prefer to stick with Arizona’s lite version.

  3. While living in Chicago, I had a friend who hailed from Memphis. At a party he threw (complete with Corky’s ribs) he had two pitchers of tea.

    They were labeled “sweet tea” and “unsweetened (Yankee) tea.”

    I’ve lived in four states in the Great Lakes region, including Michigan. From what I recall, there’s usually not a choice between the two teas. If you want “sweet tea,” you carboload it yourself. Note that this is not universally true, however.

  4. I haven’t noticed the sweet/unsweet divide. When ordering tea (often), I ask for unsweetened. Then, I add a little sugar substitute on my own.

    But I think McDs is nationalizing sweet tea, since that’s one thing they seem to be pushing these days.


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