Arnold Palmer Invitational 2011 Tee Times and Pairings Round 3

In case anyone is interested. Tiger tees off at 1:00 pm with Jason Dufner. His whole round will therefore be covered on tv—and likely not much of anything else. The table is below:

Bay Hill Club & Lodge Tee #1
7:55 amThatcher, Roland
8:00 amKendall, SkipPettersson, Carl
8:09 amPerez, PatKnost, Colt
8:18 amSchwartzel, CharlAllenby, Robert
8:27 amSaunders, SamStreelman, Kevin
8:36 amWi, CharlieMolinari, Edoardo
8:45 amNa, KevinCink, Stewart
8:54 amCampbell, ChadGoydos, Paul
9:03 amEls, ErnieStanley, Kyle
9:12 amGarrigus, RobertWagner, Johnson
9:21 amWilson, MarkJohnson, Zach
9:30 amHurley III, BillySteele, Brendan
9:40 amVerplank, ScottDamron, Robert
9:50 amSlocum, HeathMickelson, Phil
10:00 amPampling, RodLeishman, Marc
10:10 amMatteson, TroyBaddeley, Aaron
10:20 amRose, JustinHenry, J.J.
10:30 amAmes, StephenStenson, Henrik
10:40 amPoints, D.A.Van Pelt, Bo
10:50 amHaas, HunterAtwal, Arjun
11:00 amImmelman, TrevorSenden, John
11:10 amJanzen, LeeFuryk, Jim
11:20 amPride, DickyTrahan, D.J.
11:30 amLunde, BillGay, Brian
11:40 amGillis, TomO’Hern, Nick
11:50 amHolmes, Jonge, Brendon
12:00 pmDavis, BrianJacobson, Fredrik
12:10 pmPoulter, IanCompton, Erik
12:20 pmChopra, DanielMediate, Rocco
12:30 pmMoore, RyanCouch, Chris
12:40 pmMcGirt, WilliamWatson, Bubba
12:50 pmGarcia, SergioToms, David
1:00 pmDufner, JasonWoods, Tiger
1:10 pmTaylor, VaughnFowler, Rickie
1:20 pmHowell III, CharlesMahan, Hunter
1:30 pmChoi, K.J.Marino, Steve
1:40 pmLaird, MartinLevin, Spencer
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