Augusta: America’s Home Course

imageI heard an interesting line the other day: That Augusta National is America’s Home Course.

Most of us will never play there, but thanks to The Masters, Augusta National is the course that is indelibly burned into our collective consciousness. When your average guy dreams of a golf course, it’s one with azaleas and dogwood and towering pines lining the fairways. It’s the Amen Corner and the Hogan Bridge. Every brook we encounter is Rae’s Creek; every driveway is Magnolia Lane.

My home course is a classic track that dates to 1899. It’s beautiful and challenging. But it’s still Augusta I dream of.

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1 thought on “Augusta: America’s Home Course”

  1. from the narrative in this comment it sounds like no one can play at augusta.
    I have met lads in the uk that have played at augusta maybe not off the same tees as the pros but still at augusta on the same course.
    I myself never thought it possible to play at my dream course which was sawgrass a couple of years ago on a trip to florida, myself and a mate drove 2hours from orlando to play at sawgrass and it was such an awe inspiring experience we never got to enjoy the place as we should have done but just to say we played there is more than some brits believe possible and these are people that have been going to florida for twenty years but didn’t think they would be allowed any where near a PGA TPC course, motto of the story ” you don’t get if you don”t ask”.


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