Augusta National Hole Names and Masters Yardages

What are the Augusta National Hole Names and Yardages?
Firethorn (Pyracantha) – an evergreen shrub

What are the Augusta National Hole Names and Yardages?

One of the charms of Augusta National is that the holes have names. It’s a feat that I’ve seen other courses attempt, but not successfully. Most of it, I think, is that we are treated to annual, syrupy tours of the course on television, where the announcers are careful to call each by their proper name. Who wouldn’t want to play holes with names like “Flowering Dogwood” and “Firethorn” (my favorite name). Below is a list of the hole numbers, names and yardages for the Masters.

Click on the link for a look at the trees and flowers of Augusta National.

Hole #NameParYards
1Tea Olive4445
2Pink Dogwood5575
3Flowering Peach4350
4Flowering Crab Apple3240
8Yellow Jasmine5570
9Carolina Cherry4460
11White Dogwood4505
12Golden Bell3155
14Chinese Fir4440

PhotoBy I, KENPEI, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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