Bad Boy Golf Balls: The Cheater Collection Review

Bad Boys Balls
Bad Boys Cheater Collection Golf Balls

Bad Boy Golf Balls – The Cheater Collection – Premium and Unique, Assorted Novelty Gift Set for Women
Grade: C
Teacher’s Comments: Mostly Humorous

Bad Boys Golf Balls: The Cheaters Collection are a set of novelty golf balls imprinted with the photos of a dozen different more-or-less famous people who at some point in their lives have been known for their cheating: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Cosby, Prince Charles, Charlie Sheen, Eliot Spitzer, Gordon Ramsay, Hugh Grant, Jesse James, John Edwards, Kobe Bryant, Newt Gingrich, and Tiger Woods.

Since no golfer is going to actually play with these balls of unknown parentage, the value here lies entirely in the humor.

And the humor is a bit hit-and-miss. A few are pretty well known. I had forgotten about Gingrich’s peccadilloes, and I’m a political junkie. I had to look up who Jesse James was. To me, he’s a 19th century desperado.

Using Bill Cosby is just inappropriate. If the accusations are true, he’s a rapist, not a cheater.

Still, with the right politically incorrect golfer, this would be a funny gift — especially if the golfer is old enough to remember people like Gingrich and Edwards.

Bad Boys Balls-4573
Bad Boys Golf Balls – Bryant, Sheen, Schwarzenegger, Cosby

The printing on the balls is pretty good, and the images clear enough to figure out who is who. Each of the balls is individually wrapped in a plastic box, permitting, perhaps, breaking up the set for distribution to a group at an outing.


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