Basic Golf Shirt Review


Basic Golf Shirt

Grade: A

Teacher’s Comments: It would get an A plus, but it’s too “hip” for this 40-something guy. (Is “hip” even a term anymore?) smile

The Basic Golf Shirt isn’t.

Basic, that is. Rather, it’s a high quality, reasonably priced—and dare I say stylish—golf shirt. (Mrs. GolfBlogger says I know nothing of style.)

Two things jumped out at me immediately when I put The Basic Golf Shirt on.

The first is trivial, but different. It’s got a zipper, instead of buttons at the neck. That somehow gives it a more youthful, athletic look. I showed the shirt to a couple of the golf team members at school and they liked the zipper (and the styling, but more on that later).

The second thing I noticed is that the shirt is constructed from an amazingly lightweight, silky material. The Basic Golf guys call it “CoolDry.” and it works as advertised. I walked 18 wearing it on a (relatively) warm day, and stayed very cool and dry. It’s much, much cooler than the cotton golf shirts that I normally wear. I want about ten more shirts made of the same material.

The styling of the shirt is youthful and has an athletic fit. It held a little closer to the biceps that I’m used to, but in no way hindered my swing. The solid colors with the constrasting undertones remind me of something you might see Sergio Garcia, or some of the other European players wear.

Right now, there apparently are only three color selections in the same style for the shirts, navy with a white undertone; white with a navy undertone (although mine is more grey) and lime with black undertones. I have to assume that as they become more popular, the selection will increase. For now, I’ll just enjoy the one I have and save it for the hotter days.

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2 thoughts on “Basic Golf Shirt Review”

  1. Hi
    Nice review.It seems you are quite impressed with this shirt. I am a golfer and I am always look for quality golf shirts that keeps me cool and dry while playing. As, all these features are present as you say in this shirt, I would love to wear such shirts. The zipper makes it more stylish.


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