Beltology Belt Review

Beltology Belt
Beltology Belt


Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: sharp looking and comfortable

Beltology makes a terrific line of woven belts in a variety of fashionable—yet manly—colors. The belts are constructed from waxed cotton, rayon or polyester and all have an elastic center.

The weave is the key to the design. Beltology belts have no preset holes because the prong pokes right through the weave. That means you can set the length to whatever feels most comfortable.

Comfort level is increased because the elastic weave has two to three inches of “give.” Beltology belts are stretchy, but still substantial enough to hold up a man’s pants.

I’m of a generation that believed a man’s outfit was incomplete without a belt. My father would never let me out of the house without a belt. The Beltology Wall Street Model I received for review is now among my favorites. It’s “pretty” without being “girly.” And the “give” makes it extraordinarily comfortable. I happened to be wearing the belt when I attended a recent “demo day” at a local brick-and-mortar golf shop and realized about half way through that I had not needed to adjust the belt for the swing.

I don’t normally comment on a product’s packaging, but Beltology’s attention to detail is reflected therein. The belt came in a sturdy square box, which opened to reveal a black cloth bag for storing the belt when not in use. Topping the bag was a coaster-like logo sheet. Very classy.


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