Big Dog Eat Golf Site

First: I wish I’d thought of this name. But I tend to me more literal in my thinking (my other blog, is about miniature wargaming.).

Second, this site is another of a growing group of golf sites. Big Dog Eat has a lot of the kind of things you find here at Golf Blogger, and at older sites such as The Sand Trap: reviews, links, crossblogging,  tips and live auction Ebay feeds. I guess I should feel flattered.

But hey, the more the merrier. You can’t have too much golf.

Here’s what the authors say about their site: is a golf review site written by weekend warriors for weekend warriors. We offer:
-Original reviews of OEM and component club equipment
-Reviews and tips on e-books related to golf
-links to usefull golf sites, including online stores, golf blogs, and
even live auction feeds
-Free newsletter to keep you up to date on our latest reviews, tips, and changes

Although still in it’s infancy, is striving to become an interesting, unique, and
useful site for our fellow golf fans.

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