Bobby Jones XH2O RTJ2 Full Zip Vest Review

Bobby Jones XH20 RTJ2 Full-Zip Vest
Bobby Jones XH20 RTJ2 Full-Zip Vest

Bobby Jones XH20 RTJ2 Full Zip Vest
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: A permanent addition to my bag. Perfect for Michigan’s changeable weather.

We have a saying here in Michigan: If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes or drive ten miles. Any given day during the summer can have forty degree temperature changes, particularly when you are near one of the Great Lakes — or even when you’re near one of our pretty darn good lakes (No point in Michigan is more than 6 miles from a body of water).

Bobby Jones Vest-4191194
The GolfBlogger in his Bobby Jones vest on a windy, cool April day in Michigan.

Heck, on my first Fourth of July in “Up North” Michigan some twenty five years ago, it literally snowed.

Given all that, having a versatile piece of apparel such as the Bobby Jones XH20 RTJ2 Full Zip Vest in the bag is a real plus.

The vest is medium weight and wind resistant, so I’ve worn it over a short sleeve shirt on a forty degree day and been quite cozy. I’ve also worn it as protection against the wind on a sixty degree day. Under the Bobby Jones Crawford XH2O quarter zip pullover, I can face pretty much anything Michigan can throw at me.

The fabric is a stretchy polyester/spandex tight weave on the front and back, with a looser weave on the side panels. The Bobby Jones company material calls it a mesh, but I don’t think that really describes it well. Mrs GolfBlogger, the seamstress, says that it’s a Jacquard — a textured knit.

The cut of the vest is just right. It is neither too loose nor too tight. While I have plenty of room to load up and swing, it is close fitting enough to keep the cold from creeping in at the bottom and sides. There is a chest pocket, with is really too small for anything but a cloth for cleaning glasses, and two zippered side pockets.

Fit and finish on the vest is excellent. Everything about it says quality.

My only disappointment is that it doesn’t have the Bobby Jones logo anywhere on the exterior — unlike the polo shirts, which have a fabulous little embroidered Bobby Jones on the placket. Maybe if there was one on the collar …

Highly recommended.


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