Boo Should Read GolfBlogger’s Guide To Match Play

I saw the following exchange between a Golf Channel interviewer and Boo Weekley following his HSBC match play victory:

Golf Channel Interviewer: Does it take a little while to get used to this format as opposed to stroke play which you’re more familiar with?

Boo: As yes it does. It’s like yesterday. I didn’t know I could give putts away and I didn’t know that its the standard of who’s the furthest away has got to go first. Its all new to me.

It seems that The GolfBlogger’s Guide To Match Play should be required reading for the members of the PGA Tour (or at least for Boo). If Paul Azinger wants, I could take a drive to Valhalla this fall and give a lecture to the US Ryder Cup team before they start to play. Ann Arbor is only about three hours away, and for the good of the nation, I’d be willing to take a couple of days off from work.

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