Busy: Golf Poetry

Busy: Golf Poetry


I'm playing golf — and thus this rime 
Will hasty be, perforce;
So short, you see, the course of time — 
So long the golfing course ! 

And when my deck's not in my hand, 
It's in my mind, I vow. 

I trust I'm clear. You understand? 
I'm playing golf just now. 

I'm playing golf — in vain, therefore, 
Would other things engage. 

My eyes but foozle, o'er and o'er, 
Adown each pesky page. 

And all the night the Bogey lays 
His fingers on my brow, 

To lead me far, 'mid bunkered ways — 

I'm playing golf just now. 

I'm playing golf — earth, moon and sun 

Revolve around my score. 

Oh, dark is life at sixty-one — 
But bright at forty-four! 

Perhaps the game you'd like to know. 

Come out ; I'll show you how. 

Excuse me, for I've got to go — 
I'm playing golf just now. 

- Edwim L. Sahin, Lyrics of the Links (1921)
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