Byron Nelson High School

imageTurns out there’s a Byron Nelson High School. And they’ve written a very nice biography to explain how the man stands as a role model to the students. Here’s a key paragraph:

This was Byron Nelson. The youngster who sold his family’s garden produce. The kid who loved practicing chipping with his only golf club. The young man who decided to turn pro on a bus between Fort Worth and Texarkana. The club pro who dreamed of setting records in golf and then having a cattle ranch of his own. The gentle champion who had such a strong reputation for goodness and decency and humility and respect for others, that city leaders chose to name a tournament for him. The hero who invested all his talents in making that event a complete success. That is the man whose name now graces the campus of Byron Nelson High School.

Come visit us in person. You’ll see how we’re putting into practice the values that Byron both believed in and lived out in every aspect of his life. As former sports editor of the Dallas Daily News, Felix McKnight once said, I’ve known all of the greats in sports. Byron’s the only one who’s never disappointed me.

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