Caddy Mate

I’m in favor of anything that will speed up a round of golf. This looks like something that fits that bill. Have you ever watched a power cart player when he gets close to the green. He gets out of his cart, gets a club and then walks to his ball on the fringe. Then he decides that he’s got the wrong club and walks back to the cart. Then, after chipping, he walks back, puts the club away and gets his putter. Lots of time wasted.

The Caddy Mate is a detachable bag that carries all the player needs for the short game. Just detach the bag and head for the green. The thing’s even got spikes on the bottom so it stands up easily.

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4 thoughts on “Caddy Mate”

  1. Slow play is a psychological problem, and will not be solved by gadgets.  The primary reason people play slow is psychologocal in nature and not any other reason.  Self-centerness is the bottom line with a myriad of overlying reasons such as self importance, need to be noticed(Is this why a white man can dress like a black pimp on the golf course and feel OK?), and etc.  Also, there is no one to instruct golfers in how to play faster.  Many courses have no golf pro, no free instruction program on how to conduct yourself on the course, and course management have a vested interest in longer play(longer you are here, more chance you will spend money).  Money by the way is why golf cars were adopted!  Walking is exercise and cheaper, but most courses discourage it.  Where am I going with this?  If you want to play fast(and I do), find a private club and play there in the off times(week days, weekends after noon) or find and expensive public course and play there at the same times.  My brother and I do this and regularly play 18 in 3 hours or less, even with a foursome.  Our area is blessed with many courses that fit the requirement.  We also have courses that take 5 hours to play 18.  They are inexpensive and we don’t play there.  Good luck with your quest


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