Canteen Spirits Review

Canteen Spirits Review

Canteen Spirits
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: Refreshing. Actual Vodka. Not a malt beverage.

There has been a boom in recent years in the “beer alternative” category with entries such as hard lemonade, spiked colas and innumerable alcoholic seltzers. Most of these are actually are malt beverages which are stripped of the malt character and then flavored. Smirnoff Ice, for example, while sporting the name of a well known vodka brand, is a malt beverage. So too is Jack Daniel’s hard cola.

Canteen Spirits takes a different tack. The company makes five flavors of clear sparkling water mixed with actual vodka. It’s a highball in a can.

Vodka content in the 12 ounce Canteen Spirits cans works out to 5% ABV, so it is in line with a beer. Canteen Spirits, however, have zero sugars, zero carbs and just 99 calories.

The five spirits now available from Canteen Spirits Vodka Soda are Watermelon, Strawberry, Ruby Red (Grapefruit), Lime, Cucumber Mint and Black Cherry.

None of the flavors are particularly strong. Canteen Spirits’ flavors are reminiscent of a lightly flavored sparkling water, such as a La Croix. It also reminds me of infusions that people will make for summer with slices of cucumber, or strawberries in pitchers of water. I can just barely taste the flavor.

With no sugar, Canteen Spirits are not sweet. Nor, however, are they bitter like some sparking waters. And the flavor certainly is more interesting than plain water.

The vodka has no discernable flavor, especially in such low concentrations.

Carbonation is very low.

Of the flavors, Black Cherry was my favorite, followed by Strawberry. I thought all were good, however. If you already have a favorite sparkling water flavor, or have a favorite homemade H20 fruit infusion concoction, I suggest you just pick the one that seems closest to your non-alcoholic preference.

If you want just a little bit of alcohol on the golf course without the bloating that can come with a beer, a can or two of Canteen Spirits just might be the ticket. The drinks’ light, slightly flavored refreshment is the perfect spirit to put in your canteen.

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