Carrington Golf Course Review

The ninth at Carrington is a 382 yard par 4
The ninth at Carrington is a 382 yard par 4

Carrington Golf Course Review

Carrington Golf Club
Monroe, Michigan

Grade: C
Teacher’s Comments: An ordinary development course

Carrington is a serviceable, if not particularly memorable real estate development course. Flat and straightforward, the main challenge is presented by water that appears on fifteen holes. An accurate player can avoid a watery grave. Players with a wayward game should bring extra balls. Greens tended to be well-guarded by bunkers.

From the back tees, Carrington stretches to 6, 873 and plays to a 73.7/137. Closer to 6,000 yards are the white tees, which measure 5, 791 and play at a 68/117. Most amateurs should play a course from the tees closest to 6,000 yards (or shorter) to maximize fun.

The eighteenth at Carrington is a 502 yard par 5.
The eighteenth at Carrington is a 502 yard par 5.

My favorite hole was the 502 (459) yard par 5 eighteenth. Fairway bunkers left and right define the fairway, along with small copses of trees. The creek in front of the fairway is inconsequential unless you top the tee shot and hit a worm burner. A well-struck second shot will head slightly left, likely leaving a short iron or wedge into a large green.

Carrington's 13th is a 494 yard par 5.
Carrington’s 13th is a 494 yard par 5.

The par five thirteenth also is interesting. A creek runs the entire left side, then cuts in front of the green complex at about 100 out. A tree line also lines the left. From the tee, a player must decide how much of the fairway to try to cut off. With too close an angle, the ball risks the trees and creek. Too wide, and the holes becomes very long.

Another interesting design note was the split fairway on the 393 (328) yard par 4 fifteenth. Starting at about 150 to the hole, the fairway here splits into upper and lower terraces, running toward the green. The height difference is just about a yard, but it does change the angles.

Carrington Fairways damage

Conditions on the day I played were below average. There was damage to the fairways and occasionally on the greens. Mowing was uneven.

The prices were fair, though. I walked for $20. Riding prices peak at $35.

The course staff was also very accommodating. Although they were starting groups on the tenth that morning, the staffer looked at the tee sheet and suggested that I start on the first. If I could make the turn in no longer than an hour and 45, I could take advantage of a large gap in morning tee times. I made the turn in plenty of time and never had to wait on a hole.

The Carrington Golf Course review was first published July 18, 2016 from notes taken during a round in June 2016.

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