Check Point Swing Laser Review

Check Point Swing Laser Review

Check Point Swing Laser Review

Check Point Swing Laser
from Golf Anytime
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Does what it claims: helps to get your backswing on plane and into position

I have long been of the belief that if you can get the non-moving parts of your swing correct — and combine that with a proper takeaway — then the swing itself will naturally follow.

The Check Point Swing Laser addresses the second part of that preliminary equation.

Check Point Swing Laser Review

The Check Point Swing Laser kit has two parts. The first consists of two green laser pointers on a cradle that attaches to your club. The second is a long cloth banner with a stripe down the center.

The whole kit stores in a handy bag.

Attaching the Swing Laser is easy. With the lasers in place, you slide the cradle from the lower, skinnier part of the club upward until it sets in place. Rotating the lasers left or right pushes the on button.

With the dual laser cradle attached to your club, the Check Point guides your takeaway path from address to the point of transition. The goal is to keep the green laser beams on the path defined by the cloth banner.

When using the Swing Laser, I found that that my swing path was not up to the standards defined by the device. It was inside the line for the first half, and outside on the second.

In short, it was a mess.

After working with the swing laser, my backswing is much tighter than before. The corrected path works a slightly different set of muscles. I feel the pull in spots around the right shoulder blade I haven’t felt before. That’s a sign that I’m doing something different.

On the course, I’ve found that the bright green lasers of the device in practice have burned their way into my imagination. I find it easy to envision the path of the laser as I go through my takeaway. With my relatively slow backswing, I have the time to think about it. If yours is faster, you may need more practice to develop more muscle memory.

Speaking of green lasers, I find their usage a curious design choice. While green lasers are in fact easier to see in sunlight than red, the green lasers get hot. If the beam lingers on your skin, you will feel it. Be careful when using the Check Point Swing Laser.

My goal is to use the Check Point a couple of times a week for a few minutes. I think that will keep the muscle memory fresh.

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