Chemical Hand Warmers Review

Chemical Handwarmers
Grade: C+

There are so many different brands of these things that I can’t even begin to tell you what kind you might find in your neighborhood. My local ACE hardware even carries them. But they’re all pretty much the same thing. When exposed to air, the packet begins to warm up. You slip them in your pocket and keep your hands on them in between shots.

But I don’t really like them. I find that none of the brands that I have used heat evenly throughout their usage period (usually several hours). Sometimes I’ll wrap my hands around them and feel nothing. At others, they’ll feel like they’re burning a hole in my pants pockets.

I like the idea though. But I’m still looking for a brand that actually works.

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2 thoughts on “Chemical Hand Warmers Review”

  1. Hi there.
    I think what you might be looking for or at least to try is the Platinum Catalyst Flameless Metal Reusable Hand Warmer From Xtreme.Perfect for your requirements I reckon.Take care

  2. Look for the reusable packs that use clear Sodium Acetate (food grade ). They heat up to 120+ degrees, have no odor and pack a whallop when thrown against the face of your caddie. The kid pulled a 5 iron on the downhill par 3 at Canyons into a light wind. I questioned it because it was my first round there. I overshot the green by 2 clubs. I hit him so hard with it he fell to the ground & started twitching. We laughed hard. Course wanted to call cops & sue. Once they found out we work for Xe & what I was going to do to them they almost soiled their pants. Were gonna mess with them later though for interrupting our round (it’s a new day America). I still have the warmer pack, works great too – even took it back to Yemen with me. They’re the best.


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