Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid

Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid
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The thing that immediately jumped out at me about the Cleveland Launcher Halo is the rails on the bottom. I first saw such rails in the La Jolla Knife woods and have long thought that they were a great design idea. Acting as the pontoons on an outrigger, they are supposed to stabilize the clubface as it passes through turf.

I’ve also seen the design on Cobra clubs.

The Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid features:

  • Guiderails – featuring a set of three Rails, The leading edge and sole geometries are optimized for improved turf interaction and speed retention.
  • HI bore Crown – the redesigned HI Bore Crown enables a lower CG position, promoting that ideal low spin, high launch ball flight.
  • High strength steel face – constructed using high strength steel, the variable face Insert provides higher COR over a larger impact area leading to increased ball speeds and distance.

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