Cobra T Rail Baffler Hybrid Review


Cobra Baffler T-Rail Hybrid at Global Golf

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Versatile, easy to hit

I’ve never achieved particularly good results with hybrid irons. My difficulty, I think, stems from indecision on whether to swing them like an iron or a fairway metal. All the advice says to swing hybrids like irons, but the wider heads always create doubt. And doubt, my friends, is the death of a golf swing.

That said, I’ve more luck hitting the Cobra Baffler Hybrids than any similar club. I think it has to do with the tungsten rail sole. There’s something about the way the rail makes contact with the ground that enables even my confused swing work. I swing; sole hits ground; face hits ball; ball goes up and out.

I had success almost everywhere I tried the club, including long shots out of some nasty waste bunkers at the Greg Norman Course in North Myrtle Beach. My best shot, however, was on the first hole at Yarrow in Augusta, Michigan. There, I parked a shot on a tiny green on an uphill shot from 180. Nice.


The model I tested is a 3H, 19 degree stiff shaft. Distance-wise, I found it to be the equivalent of my 4-iron. That’s a club short of the theoretical replacement. The trajectory is, as expected, much higher than a four iron.

One downside I found is that mishits on the Baffler resulted in a slice, rather than my normal hook miss. That hurt my strategy of taking half the course out of play. I normally can play a ball to the right side, knowing that it won’t go further in that direction. It probably is not the Baffler Hybrid, however, but a function of my dissonance over how to hit the club.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Baffler Hybrid is an attractive club that fits toward the center of the iron/fairway spectrum in terms of width and depth. I like the deep glossy dark head and after a while even began to like the greenish yellow accents (duplicated in the grip). The dual alignment stripes on the top are useful, but not insistent.

With my experience with the Baffler Fairway and the Baffler Hybrid, I get the sense that Cobra is carving out a niche supplying clubs for golf’s 90%.

I can heartily recommend this club for mid through high handicappers. Lower handicappers, however, should give a couple of degrees worth a thorough workout to see make sure the distances match the club they’re replacing.


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