Collecting Classic Golf Clubs

Forbes has a story on collecting classic golf clubs. Its fascinating stuff, and makes me want to start collecting classic clubs.

I’m going to have to win the lottery first, though.

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5 thoughts on “Collecting Classic Golf Clubs”

  1. Have 4500 piece plus classic golf club collection. looking for someone who has the desire to purchase this unique and deverse history of the golf club through golfs golden era.

    Regards   Douglas Jones

  2. i have a friend that has close to 50,000+ golf clubs that can be purchased for cents on the dollar. these include makes and models of the best clubs used today. if interested please e-mail me for more details   [email protected]

  3. Have 1945 set of Tommy Armour silver scot irons plus ironmaster putter and double niblic wedge.All purchased by my father at the same time.He used them approx. five years. They are all orig..Looking for a serious buyer.Ph.740 4537546.

  4. I have a old Ben Hogan Blade Putter . On the botten its has a series number P107. Its a little offset Does any body have any information on this putter


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