Daly Won’t Go Back To Australia

John Daly won’t be going back to Australia—and it apparently is no tbecause he’s been disinvited. Robert Allenby says it’s because of the way he was treated by the Aussie media:

Robert Allenby says John Daly will not be back to play golf in Australia because of the way the media treated him over the last three weeks.

Daly caused controversy at the Open when he smashed a spectator’s camera against a tree on the course at Royal Sydney.

Daly said the fan was “in my face” and had already taken several photographs even though it was banned under Tour rules.

The American was also upset with the way comments Stuart Appleby made about him were portrayed.

Appleby reportedly labeled Daly’s life a “train wreck” before the Australian Masters and said fans could not look away.

Daly failed to make the cut in any of the three tournaments he contested and Allenby said the two-time major winner did not enjoy his trip to Australia.

“He told me he wasn’t going to come back. Ever again,” Allenby said.

“He was disgusted in the way everything was handled last week.

And Allenby says that the treatment Daly got would make it more difficult to persuade others to play in Australia.

“You’ve got an international star coming in to Australia to play three tournaments and all you guys have done is destroyed him,” he said.

“Why would I even try and help get an international player like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, a Sergio Garcia to come and put up with all the crap that we put up with?”

Allenby also blames the Australian media for driving Greg Norman away and suggests that he, himself, may not play in Australia any more.

“I don’t need to play here. I’ve got a beautiful life in America,” he said.

There’s something going on over there in Australian golf. First, to drum up interest, they need to import an always mercurial John Daly. Then this explosion from Allenby.

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