Divot Dog Golf Multi-Tool

Divot Dog

The Divot Dog is a multi-tool aimed at golfers. Made from sheet zinc alloy, it has a multiplicity of functions:

1. Divot Tool
2. Range Finder
3. Spike Wrench
4. Groove Cleaner
5. Three Inch Ruler
6. Bottle Opener
7. Flat Head Screwdriver
8. 1/4″ Hex Bit Driver
9. Four Position Tee Depth Set
10. Nail File
11. Golf Club Prop
12. Plastic Ball Marker Holder
13. Golf Ball Straight Line Marking Guide
14. Box / Envelope Opener
15. Key Ring / Lanyard Hole Size Of Tee
16. Cigarette Holder
17. Cigar Holder (with tee)
18. Golf Hole Compass
19. Pry bar
20. Orange Peel Starter
21. Can Opener
22. Can Punch / Vent Opener
23. Butterfly Wrench
24. Straight Edge
25. Gives Back! (Charity)
26. Conversation Starter…


1 thought on “Divot Dog Golf Multi-Tool”

  1. I have to get a few of these for my friends…especially the ones that throw their cigs and cigars down on the freshly fertilized tee box!
    Great tool for the morning golfer to hold their club handle up off the dew.


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