Do you know your ‘Favourite’ from your ‘Field’? The Main Golf Betting Terms

Do you know your ‘Favourite’ from your ‘Field’? The Main Golf Betting Terms

Golf might just be one of the most popular sports that an individual can place a wager on these days, however it should be stressed that there are a number of different terms that can feature a little bit of jargon.

Of course, nobody really likes jargon as these words can typically be defined in a much simpler way and in such a way where it is a lot easier to understand, as many will be able to understand what the term is without having to delve deep into it.

Thankfully, that is where this handy golf betting terms glossary comes in use, as we have outlined each of the main phrases and markets that will likely be found and simplified them to ensure you have a great betting experience the next time you place a wager.

With The Majors being amongst some of the most competitive professional golf competitions on the schedule each year, there is always going to be plenty of opportunities to wager on it as the Unibet Odds Indiana continues to provide are amongst the best. Therefore, it is important now to learn about what betting terms there are and what they mean before potentially making a mistake.

What are the main betting terms to know when wagering on golf?

As mentioned, there are a number of different terms that will likely be encountered when placing a bet on one of the upcoming Majors or other top golf events that takes place each year on the calendar, with some of the phrases a little easier to understand than others.

However, there is no need to fear as once this list of general betting terms has been read, individuals will be in the best position to ensure that they do not take a bad shot and potentially shank their bets like a bad tee shot.

General golf betting terms

Action: The term ‘Action’ is simply the act of placing a wager of any kind on any available market.

Dead Heat: A ‘Dead Heat’ is the term used for certain bet types and is calculated by dividing the stake proportionally between the number of winners in the event.

Favorite: This is a rather self-explanatory term, but ‘Favorite’ is the term that sportsbooks and bookmakers will use to determine who they believe will win the competition/event that is being played. This is typically shown by providing the golfer believed to be the winner with the lowest odds of everyone else.

Field: The ‘Field’ is everyone else and golf allows punters to bet on them. For example, bettors are able to select this bet if they believe someone who is not listed in the odds will win (a true underdog) or they can look to create one where they exclude the heavy favorites and back somebody else to take the title.

Hedging: The term ‘Hedging’ is in relation to an individual placing a bet on the opposite side to the wager that had initially been placed. This type of bet is typically used to either try and cut their losses or to try and guarantee a profit by betting on the two possible outcomes.

Odds: Another one of the simplistic golf betting terms available, ‘Odds’ is simply the price that has been provided to a bet that has been worked out in regards to the probability of it happening. As mentioned, the lower the number provided, the more likely that golfer is to win as they will be considered to be the ‘Favorite’.

Outright: A common betting term for all sports bets, ‘Outright’ is a bet type that is available to punters who wish to place a wager on who they believe will win the entire event/competition that is being played.

Prop Bet: A ‘Prop Bet’ is a market that allows punters to bet on something else rather than the outcome of the event. Within golf, these can include matchups, place bets, and bets on players to lead the field after a certain round.

Push: A ‘Push’ is a term that is used when an event ends in a tie and without a winner. This will typically result in a bettor being provided with their stake back. It is a rather uncommon event in golf, but it can still happen so is worth knowing.


By no means is this list a comprehensive one as there are a number of different betting markets and terms that can pop up on occasion, however those that have been outlined above will be more than enough to ensure anyone new to the gambling activity will be able to enjoy the experience and position themselves with the best chance of turning a profit!

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