Does Aldila’s Rise Portend A Big Club Sales Year?

Here in the Motor City, news reports often use auto suppliers’ trends as a forecast for the fortunes of the Big Three.

PGA dot Com is reporting that Aldila had a big fourth quarter that could mean that clubmakers are bullish on this year’s sales.

There’s also an interesting quote from Aldila Chairman Peter Mathewson:

“We think growth opportunities exist for graphite shafts in the golf industry. There is an increasing trend by club companies to use well-known branded shafts in their club lines as a way to offer a higher performing product. In our opinion, an increasing emphasis on the shaft is inevitable as metal wood heads have reached the limits mandated by the United States Golf Association as far as size and COR (coefficient of restitution) or trampoline effect,” Mathewson said.

Are shafts the new frontier?

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