Double JJ Ranch’s Thoroughbred Golf Course Bought At Auction

An update on the bankruptcy auction of Michigan resort Double JJ Ranch: While as previously reported, the main property was bought by a company called Progressive Resorts, the attached golf course apparently was bought by a development firm called Vermatha Real Estate for $1.3 million.

I’m sure that throws a monkey wrench into plans to reopen the Double JJ as a full resort. At its peak, the 71 year old facility north of Muskegon featured a dude ranch, championship golf course, hotel and conference center, horse trails, a friday night rodeo and a $12 million indoor waterpark. Without a golf course, I’m not sure that package really works.

Meanwhile, the Vermatha company seems to be run by jerks. Their attorney, Robert Mabbit (a name right out of a Dickens novel), apparently refused to answer any questions about the company, or what they intended to do with the course:

“I’m not going to, and I don’t have to,” Mabbitt said.

That’s right, Mabbit. You don’t have to. But it would be nice to let the people of Muskegon know what you’re doing.

Ominously, according the the Oceana Herald Journal, the Vermantha Real Estate LLC came into existence as a limited liability company on the same day as the foreclosure sale. I suspect gamesmanship. Maybe they think that in purchasing it, they can then resell it to Progressive Resorts at a premium.

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