Dreaming of Golf

The weather, work, my wife and kids all have been conspiring against me this spring. It’s nearly May, and I have yet to play a round—or even a hole.

Weather has been the main culprit. As I write, I am sitting in my classroom office, staring out the window at yet another cold, windy, rainy day. We had snow here just last week, for heavens sake.

The weekend doesn’t look too bad; the weatherman is predicting partly sunny, with temperatures in the upper 60s. Unfortunately, my wife works all weekend and I am on “Dad Duties.” Monday looks good weatherwise, but I have Union duties (I’m the vice president) and then I’m responsible for taking the boys to Scouts. Tuesday I have a faculty staff meeting. I’m actually free Wednesday, but the prediction is for a rainy and cold day. Ditto Thursday.

I can’t wait for summer break. Until then, I guess I’ll just dream.

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