Eidolon Wedges

New Eidolon wedges are designed to increase the amount of spin you can put on your ball with cnc milled faces and what the company says is a

patented V-Sole™ Technology through which the leading edge of the wedge’s sole — about one-quarter of an inch — has an aggressive bounce (18 degrees bounce on the 52-degree lofted wedge, 30 degrees bounce on the 56 wedge, and 25 degrees of bounce on the 60-degree wedge) that ensures that the leading edge never digs into the turf. The primary rear portion of the sole features minimal bounce — three degrees on the 52 gap wedge, seven degrees on the 56 mid- wedge and six degrees on the 60 lob wedge.

Now, everyone would like to be able to spin the golf ball back like the PGA pros do, but I’m told that one of the biggest reasons they can do it is that the greens that are prepared for the tour are significantly different from the ones you play at your local publinks. The pros are simply working with a different surface.

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