Eight Foot Gator Attacks Golf Ball Diver

Weird Golf Story Of The Week:

A diver searching for golf balls on the Links of Boynton Beach in Florida was bitten on the arm by an eight foot gator. The gator was later captured.

No further word on the condition of man, or gator.

I’ve often wondered about the experience of playing on golf courses with alligators. Here in Michigan, the angriest thing I’ve ever encountered was a Canada Goose (btw, the proper name is “Canada” goose, not “Canadian”.) I’ve also encoutered a skunk or ten, a couple of possums, fox, scores of wild turkey and deer.

But thankfully, no man-biting carnivores.

I’d like to hear your best allligator and golf stories. Add them to the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Eight Foot Gator Attacks Golf Ball Diver”

  1. Once while golfing with my wife and a male friend I move my wifes ball out of casual water as she approached it.  SHE BIT MY HEAD OFF LIKE AN ALLIGATOR.  In the process she asked if I would have done the same to our friends ball.  Chivalry is dead!  Be careful of the alligators out there

  2. My favorite place to play is Bear Trace @ Chicksaw State Park in Tennessee http://tngolftrail.net/beartrace/chickasaw/

      Throughout the course, there are a number of high weeded roughs and marshes all labeled “Snake Habitat Do Not Enter”  I have only seen a couple snakes so far, probably because unless it is below 60degrees I won’t get around those areas.  The snakes can just try and hatch my ball if it lands in there.  But last week I did see a snake, and it was a Cottonmouth, confirming for good, I will never enter one of those areas unless I am sure it is cool enough those snakes will be dormant.  Cottonmouths, unlike most snakes, will chase you instead of running away—and being 50 miles from a hospital, I don’t want to get bit there. 

    The only gatored course I have played is Bald Head Island, North Carolina.  I was told “watch out for the 13’ gator on #8, he is nasty” but it might have been the 8’ on #13.  I just stayed clear of all water.

  3. While my son and I were playing the Heritage Club in Myrtle Beach area last summer we came to #18 a par 4 with the green protected by water.
    Kyle duffs his second shot just to bloop into the water.  The ball is a prov1 so as is usual with our central Illinois courses he goes to retrieve the ball.  Just as he reachs into the water a thrashing goes on in the water next to him.  Yes, you guessed it an alligator. I thought he was going to have to clean out his pants. Needless to say he let the gator have it.


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