Europe Regains Ryder Cup 2010

Congratulations are in order to the Europeans, who have regained the Ryder Cup with a narrow 13 1/2 – 14 1/2 victory.

The storyline as it was ending was that it all came down to Mahan and McDowell, but I think that’s unfair. In any sport, I refuse to believe that it comes down to one play. For example, if Phil, as the World Number Two, had been able to get a couple of points, Mahan’s victory wouldn’t have been needed. On the other hand, if the Europeans had managed to maintain some momentum over the interrupted matches from the first rounds, they would’t have needed McDowell …

Or … Or … Or …

But I think those sort of what-ifs is a sign of a good event. It was tense from beginning to end, and there was no one play that can blamed or credited.

I look forward to the next bout.

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1 thought on “Europe Regains Ryder Cup 2010”

  1. And I think Pavin did a pretty good job with his Captain’s Picks, the group going 8.5 and 5.5 over their matches, even with Ricky’s 1 and 2 record.

    Which brings me to a question about the team matches…  When I post a golfer’s record, does a win as a team count as a full point in that golfer’s record?  Or as just a 1/2 point?  For example, Tiger went 3-1.  Two of the wins and the loss were with Stricker.  So does that make his record 2-.5?  Seems like I’ve seen it posted as 3-1 when a golfer’s individual record is discussed.  Just curious.


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