F2 Series Wedges

I got this ad in my email the other day. The manufacturer claims that "the face has been moved forward and the hosel back enabling the ball to strike and leave the clubface before grass or sand can grab the hosel and twist the clubface."

It’s an interesting thought. Kind of the reverse of an offset club, where the face is moved back to allow you extra time to square it.


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3 thoughts on “F2 Series Wedges”

  1. I purchased the F2 56 degree about two months ago.  I first played with it in the soggy grass then most recently in dry desert like conditions and under all conditions it performed beautifully and has given me so much confidence.  The other day I was chipping from about 40 yards to a front pin location that was about 7 steps in.  I landed it softly and on line to within 1 foot.  What a feeling.

    Between my new Adams Idea Irons and the F2 I am having the time of my life.

    Howard Jang

  2. I have had the 52 degree wedge for about a year; this is the best club I have ever invested in. It’s easy to hit and forces you to hit ball then truf, taking a perfect divot every time. Backspin was something I just dreamed of until I bought this. If you are having problems with your approach shots from 120 yards in, then get this now.  This is a genuine testamonial from a very happy man.

  3. 58 years old 10 handicapper.  I read that these are for high handicappers or beginners.  NOT.
    I have lost consitancy from 100 yards in. Rough and sand have given me problems. I have been trying all kinds of wedges. These are an answer to prayer.  No thinking involved and hit these with consistancy.  I didn’t purchase the F2’s. However I purchased the CLONE HEADS and put my own steel shafts on.  Identical club. Paid $10 per head shipped to my home. So each club cost me $12 based on using my own shafts. Compared to $90.
    These clubs will easily bring me down to a 7 handicap. That’s a 30% improvement factor. You figure. Those that say these are not for low handicappers is mistaken.


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