BluScoop Putter

Zax Golf’s BlueScoop Putter is one of the new breed of “inertial” putters that shift the weight back from the face and in toward the centerline. This is supposed to keep the face from twisting during the stroke, promoting a straighter putt.

This one looks a lot like the Hogan putter used by Jim Furyk, right down the blue color theme, although I suppose this is related to the aluminum materials. Still, I like the look. They should send me one for a review.

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1 thought on “BluScoop Putter”

  1. I would like to thank you for your review of the BLUscoop putter.  I believe Furyk used the Big Ben by Hogan and there are some common elements between the two.  The main feature is placing more than 60% of the weight along the centerline, which helps the club to resist rotation on off center hits and facilitates a more accurate putt.

    One of the large differences between the BLUscoop and any of the other clubs out on the market is the trademarked honeycomb blue pattern on the top.  This pattern makes aiming the club a natural, uncomplicated process. The blue color provides a good contrast against brown or green backgrounds. The design of the top divides the blue pattern creating two parallel lines and the grove creates a shadow line of its own to help separate the club from body and tree shadows so your eyes see the “real” alignment even in adverse situations. The better you see the shot, the more putts you sink.

    Another interesting feature is the ball scoop on the back of the putter.  I, like many other people grew up using their Ping Anser style putter.  Most of us learned to pick the ball up by scooping it with the back.  Old habbits die hard.  Many people will not switch to the inertial or mallet style putters because they do not offer that feature.  While the scoop may not have an impact on your game it does allow a golfer to support that old habbit while still enjoying the advances in putter design.

    I have enjoyed your site will continue to follow it.  Thank you for all of the good information!


    James – ZAX golf


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