Fact or Fiction with Garcia, Els and DiMarco

The ESPN and Golf Digest pundits are sounding off on three questions: 1) Will Chris DiMarco win a Major? 2) Will Ernie Els win another? and 3) Will Sergio Garcia win one by the time he’s 30.

Here’s my take:

Chris DiMarco will win a major: Fact. Although DiMarco is almost 38, thirty-eight is not what it used to be.

Ernie Els will win another major: Fact. He’s too talented not to. He’s been off his game recently because of that knee injury. But he’s starting to look like the old Ernie again.

Sergio Garcia will win a major before he’s 30: Fact. Again, he’s too talented not to. His putting problems will turn around. He’s too young to have the yips. I think that—with his ball striking—he will win either a US Open or a British Open.

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