Famous Smokes Toro Cigar Review

Famous Cigar Toro
Famous Smokes Toro Cigar

Famous Smoke Shop’s Toro Cigars.
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Pleasantly Sweet

Famous Cigar’s Toro is a pleasantly sweet, light smoke that offers good value for the money. I enjoyed these from foot to head.

The Toro is a flavor-infused cigar, but not of the convenience store variety that your least favorite golf partner smokes. It is more of a “dessert cigar,” in the way that an Irish cream or Kahlua is a dessert liqueur.

A draw on the Toro brings a blend of vanilla, caramel and other sweet flavors. The flavors are pronounced, but never overwhelming. The sweetness enhances. In that, the Toro separates itself from the more well-known gas station variety infused brands. It’s a Grand Marnier to an Apple Pie flavored vodka.

Construction on the Toro is good — if a little soft. It burns evenly and draws easily.

The best part of the Famous Smoke Shop’s Toro is the price: You can get a pack of 19 for just $3.73 a stick. (I will confess, however, that I don’t understand the concept of a pack of 19.)

If you’re a fan of infused cigars, I think the Famous Smoke Shop’s Toro is an economical way to fill your humidor with a good infused cigar. I also think you could buy several lots of these for a wedding, retirement party, or general summer evening’s celebration.

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