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The economic recession correction continues, and everyone’s looking for a bargain. Recently the editors of Golf Odyssey magazine approached me with an offer I don’t think GolfBlogger readers can refuse: the chance to try Golf Odyssey for free. Not only do you get a sample issue, you’ll also get their guide to Platinum Places: The World’s Best Golf Destinations 2008 – 2009,  two other golf vacation guides, one of Golf Odyssey’s monthly intelligence reports, and instant access to its password-protected archive, where you can read unbiased recommendations of the best places to play, stay and dine at any golf destination you’re considering.

Golf Odyssey is a different sort of golf newsletter because the editors and writers conduct undercover inspections at the golf courses and resorts they review. They don’t accept advertising, free vacations or other compensation, so their reviews are honest to a fault.

The goal is to help you get the most out of your travel dollar. The Platinum Places list is a good example. It’s a list you can actually use, broken down into unique categories to make it helpful in planning golf vacations.

Some Category examples:

  • The Best U.S. Bangs for the Buck (other than Myrtle Beach)
  • The Best Destinations for Same-Day Golf and Skiing
  • The Best New Courses to Put on Your Travel List
  • The Best Resorts with On-site Golf and Gambling
  • The Best Golf Resorts for Additional, Non-Golf Activities
  • The Best Golf Resorts for Playing 36 Holes (or more) a Day
  • The Most Disappointing Golf Course in the United States
  • The Best Lodging Alternatives at Pebble Beach
  • The Best Bargain Destination in the United Kingdom
  • The Best Private Course You Can Play in Florida

Try Golf Odyssey for free

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