Finchem Says Contraction Unlikely

Tim Finchem says that contraction for the PGA Tour is “unlikely.”

“We have to have sponsorship to put on events, so if it got to a point where sponsorship wasn’t available, it’s always a possibility,” he said. “But candidly, we are on track with where we are in most years, good or bad economy, in terms of the amount of work we have to do either to renew sponsors or bring in new sponsors.

“I think the market is soft generally,” he added. “But for our product, it continues to perform well, and we don’t anticipate any need for contraction.”

Note he didn’t say “not going to happen.” I continue to think they’re going to ultimately back off on the number of tournaments. And it’s not the economy—it’s the national obsession with football. I just don’t think the Tour can continue to run over to the fall as it does and command any attention.

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1 thought on “Finchem Says Contraction Unlikely”

  1. I agree with you.  Every sport needs an “off season”.  After the PGA my attention wanes and completely blinks out around the time the Ryder Cup ends.  Fed X Cup?  Yawn.  Okay, maybe I will watch some of it.  Fall Season?  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Stop everything 10/3 and start again in February (or preferably March) when the promise of Spring perks my interest in golf again.


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