Gimme A Ruling Game

If you know a golf fanatic, the Gimme A Ruling game is a perfect gift.

Gimme a Ruling is the golfers version of Trivial Pursuit, where players try to answer questions from cards on the rules of golf. If you answer correctly, you get to roll the “birdie” die, and record your score on a standard golf scorecard. Answer incorrectly, and you roll the dreaded “bogie” die. The type of question you answer is determined by a roll of another die.

The game is as much a work of art as it is a game.The storage box is a beautiful glossy mahogany color with shiny brass fittings and lined with green felt. If you give it as a gift, you can get it made with a brass name plate.

The cards are a good quality cardstock, in full color and double sided. Each question consists of a brief headline, and a situation.

For example:

Player Unaware He Has Holed Out Puts Another Ball Into Play

Q. A player, unable to find his ball, puts another ball into play. He then discovers that his original ball is in the hole. What is the ruling?

On the reverse side is the answer:

A. The score with the original ball counts. The play of the hole was completed when the player holed that ball.

The top of each card also is labeled with the relevant USGA rule. In this case, its 1-1/2.

The entire project is licensed by the USGA.

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  1. Is the game, Gimmearuling, still being published? Last version I have are the 2005-2007 rules. I can’t find any current version games.


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