Glad the Pro-Ams Are Over

Is anyone else glad that the Pro-Ams are over? I realize their importance to the Tour in terms of public and corporate relations, but as a fan of the sport, I can’t stand them.

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2 thoughts on “Glad the Pro-Ams Are Over”

  1. I give the pro golfers credit for playing in these.  Most of them are just ridiculous.  I have played in these where the amateurs act like they own the course and the pros just because they have paid to play in the pro am.

    I really wish that they did not have them.


  2. it’s completely intollerable.  watching kevin costner, dressed like he’s playing a bobby jones role, chipping over a green and then bantering with the crowd.. i’d rather just not watch. 
    i excercised that option many times over the last few events.


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