GRIP Sweetness Putter


Golf Research In Play (GRIP) is a company that I’ve recently discovered that’s attempting to break into the golf market with high quality, mid priced, original club designs. In that sense, it’s a bit like Tour Edge, before that company went upscale with its exotic metals lines. I think that founder Rob Blumberg is right in that there’s a large market of “middle of the road” golfers who are looking for something more than clones, but who can’t—or won’t—pay premium prices for clubs from one of the big boys.

The company only sells directly to customers, so you won’t be able to try them in stores. They do, however, offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee—a must in teh direct club sales market.

One of their first offerings is this “Sweetness” Putter, an oversized putterhead that GRIP says offers strong alignment help. The dual bar design has a center aiming stripe that allows you to frame the ball and the line to the hole.

The front and back of the putter have weight ports to ensure a smooth stroke and balance from setup to followthrough. The face has a double insert: a CNC-milled aluminum center surrounded by a soft polymer.

I think it’s an attractive design that reminds me somewhat of the RIFE putters. I particularly like the “brassy”—they call it Gold—and black finish.

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