Golf Bag Beer Mug Review

Golf Bag Beef Mug Review
Golf Bag Beer Mug


Golf Bag Beer Mug Review

Golf Bag Beer Mug
Grade: B
Teachers’ Comments: Cute. Might make a good, light-hearted gift.

I was recently sent a pair of Golf Bag Beer Mugs for review. Shaped like a golf staff bag. the mugs hold 15 ounces of liquid. They’re made of glass and are dishwasher safe. The Golf Beer Mug comes in both clear and frosted versions.

The one negative for me is that the seam is fairly prominent.  Aesthetically, it makes the mug look a little less like a piece of nice glassware and more like a novelty.

Still, if I had a home bar, I would totally have these in my glassware collection. If you are looking for a cute gift for the golfer in your life, this just might be it.


More photos follow:


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