Golf Trivia On Top 100 Courses

Turning Stone
Turning Stone

I’m on a media trip to Turning Stone Casino and Resort in New York and at dinner last night I learned an interesting bit of trivia: There are six places in the United States that have two top 100 courses on the same property. Not the same town. Or the same region. On the same property.

Obviously, Turning Stone is one of them. Can you name the others? Without looking it up, put it in the comments below.

I got four of the six and was slapping my head as an idiot when I heard the others.

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1 thought on “Golf Trivia On Top 100 Courses”

  1. Although I’m not a big student of the famous golf courses (since I figure I’ll never have the $ to play them) my guesses would be
    1. Bandon Dunes
    2. Pinehurst
    3. Pebble Beach/Spyglass/Cypress Point (I think they are in the same area so maybe the same property? I don’t really know and you said I can’t look it up)
    4. Whoever owns Kiawah (where Rory won the US Open a few years ago). Seems like there are a bunch of courses there.

    All I can think of are US Open courses (except Bandon Dunes of course) so these last two are really really stretches

    5. Merion?
    6. Shinnecock Hills?

    Now where do I find the list? Oh don’t worry, I’ll be googling it as soon as I hit submit!


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