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imageThere is no doubt that some of the ladies of the LPGA are hot. Cheesecake aside, I think there’s something sexy about a woman playing good golf. (OK. Laura Davies is NOT hot, no matter how well she’s playing—and there are a few others like that, too.)

Over at Blogspot, The Squire has built a blog called Golf Babes  that is a paean to the lovely ladies of golf. So far it’s work friendly, do you don’t have to worry there. But the little comments about “yummy tummies” are starting to worry me.

(That aside, what’s with the short shirts on the LPGA. Don’t they make ladies shirts with long tails? Here’s a thought that’ll make you want to skip breakfast … and maybe lunch. Picture the PGA Tour guys in those short shirts. How about Daly showing us his gut every time he takes a swing … or Phil … or Fred Couples … bleah.)

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3 thoughts on “Golf Babes Blog”

  1. Hey GolfBlogger, Bob here, the proprietor of Golf Babes. First, thanks very much for the blurb about my site. Second, I’m surprised that my comment about “yummy tummies” has generated some controversy. The folks over at The Sand Trap pointed that out too—but, c’mon, a “tummy” is about as tame as it gets. (I would never comment about certain other parts of the anatomy.) My aim is to celebrate the beauty of these great golfers, but not in any way that is condescending or demeaning. I didn’t think my comment about tummies was either of those things, but if anyone does, I apologize, and I’ll be more careful. Thanks again for the plug.—Bob


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